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Home & Kitchen Extension London

Home Extension

Homeowners can be motivated by any number of reasons in order to embark on a home extension project, may it be a DIY project or a job done by a hired team of professionals.

Kitchen Extension London

Nowadays, kitchens are no longer defined as mere cooking rooms. The functionality of a kitchen has changed in time, such that kitchens now combine the role of a quasi-living room combined with a dining room, even a lounge; in short, space where family members gather together or meet their occasional guests. There are plenty of kitchen design ideas on the market, but homeowners must first define the functionality they intend to obtain.

Thus, they can opt for all sorts of kitchen extension, from modern kitchen extensions to traditional kitchen extensions. The extension work proper often goes hand in hand with a restoration plan: new furniture, new finishing, and new appliances. A whole new domestic landscape, so to speak, from open-plan kitchens to any other kitchen ideas.

Home & Kitchen Extension London